route 04 Lake Biwa Observatory Route To the beech forests and rhododendrons of Mt. Karato

Lake Biwa Observatory Route
Walking distance About14km Time required About6.5hours

* The time required will differ during snowy periods.

Moving from the Arakawa Pass to Mt. Karato, the beech forests are beautiful. Visiting in May, when the rhododendrons blossom, is particularly recommended.
★Lake Biwa Observatory Route Recommended points
  • Lake Biwa Observatory Route beech forests
  • Lake Biwa Observatory Route rhododendrons
  • Lake Biwa Observatory Route Mt. Karato
  1. JR Shiga st.
  2. Arakawa
  3. Arakawa Pass
  4. Mt. Karato
  5. Kido Pass
  6. Mt.Uchimi(Biwako Valley)
  7. Kitadaka Road
  8. Kido
  9. JR Shiga st.
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